Waiting to get cleaned up
Eating my first "meat on a stick"
Where there's a camera - there's cheese!
Dad built me a house out of a box
Helping Dad build stuff *ruhruh*
More help
Howdy partner!
Howdy Howdy
Howdy Howdy Howdy!


Driving around the kitchen
My first haircut
Haircut -2
Haircut -3
Haircut -4
Helping with the gardening
Gardening -2
Gardening -3


Lookin outside with Daddy
Lookin outside with Daddy 2
Pot lids make great cymbals
Pot lids 2
Hangin out with Olie
A "not happy" face
Dragging my phone around
Cheesing with jammies on
Bathtime curly hair
Bathtime curly hair with CHEESE
Mom's cheap slave labor


My guardian angel doll
Kissing my guardian angel doll
VrOooOom with my Aunt Theresa
More VroOOoOom
My mommy thought this was FUNNY
Daddy trying to get me to like the snow
Still didn't like the snow


2003 Santa picture
Sitting on my beanbag
Watching Daddy on the computer
Surveying the damage
Crawling into my high chair
My neat new mini-vacuum!
Picking out our tree
Our tree decorated
My new bike - a little too big right now
Checking out my new shop vac toy
Presents are for SITTING on
Daddy reads to me
Getting into the spirit!
Trying to figure out this Tigger thing
Showing off my computer savvy
Riding with Nana on her scooter
Aunt Theresa loving me even cranky

Daddy took these pictures of me 
in Texas

Playing in the backyard
Playing in the backyard 2
Playing in the backyard 3


Our street covered in snow
Me & Dad in the snow
Not too sure what to think of it
It keeps hitting me in the face!
Walking isn't too easy
Help me Dad!
Ok, I think I'm done with this
Now I'm really done with it

Movies of me stomping 
snow on my porch

Movie 1
Movie 2
Movie 3


Modeling my neato Real Tree shirt!
Playing in the kitchen
Zoom! Zoom! on my scooter
Walking around with my Jeep
I have NO idea how the tupperware got out
Chillin & eating
Droopy drawers



Driving the truck
Sitting IN a box
My new Carhartts
I didn't make the car alarm go off!
Rearranging the kitchen
Me and my pal Max (babysitter's dog)
Eating is FUN
Having fun with Daddy 1
Having fun with Daddy 2
Having fun with Daddy 3

My very first NFL Football Game!
Seahawks vs San Diego

Watching the game with Daddy
Hanging out with Mommy
Seahawks Stadium 1
Seahawks Stadium 2
Even Teddy had a great time!


My first boat ride - Daddy
Driving the boat was more fun

Watching Daddy put "child proof" stuff on


My first trip to a pumpkin patch...
Me & Daddy on wagon ride
Posing with pumpkins
Me & Mommy with the pumpkins
Taking a rest on a pumpkin
Drumming on a pumpkin
Riding in a wagon
Trying to pull the wagon

Me & Mommy outside at home
Me & Mommy
Me & Mommy & Spot the kitty


Posing in the bathtub after mom combed hair
Modeling my neat NHRA ballcap!
Hanging out watching TV with Zowie

June 30, 2003

Pre-destruction picture of cake
Cake! 2
Cake! 3
Cake! 4
Cake! Destruction
Cake! Destruction 2


After cake bath
After cake bath 2
Mom and hair torture
Playin with toys
Playin with the TV


Pre-birth & Pictures from the hospital

One month(ish)

Two months or so..

Three to four months...

Five nine month(ish)...

Nine months to one year