I turned THREE!
Opening Presents with Shelly 1
Opening Presents with Shelly 2
Opening Presents with Shelly 3
Opening Presents with Shelly 4
My friend Baby Melvin (neighbor's great grandson)
Baby Melvin, Teegan and Owen
Jake & Evan playing
Cake & Pie
Singing Happy Birthday
Blowing out candles
Wait until the end of the song!
My cake!
Baby Melvin
Phillip & Jackson in the little red car
Teegan & Melvin
Playing with the GeoTrax
Mom's fruit tart
Wooden toy from Grandma Lambert
Wooden toy 2
Wooden toy 3


Fourth of July
My new tricycle
My new tricycle 2
Pretending to be shy

Outdoor Fun
Watering flowers
Watering flowers 2
Watering flowers 3
Time for a refill
Playing in the sprinkler
Playing in the sprinkler 2
Extreme closeup!

May - Doing Yardwork
Moving dirt 1
Moving dirt 2
Moving dirt 3
Moving dirt 4
Moving dirt 5
Moving dirt 6

A Day Out With Thomas July 8th
Jackson & Dad
Phillip, Jake & Jackson
Jim, Jake, Phillip & Sir Topamhatt
Giant LEGO Thomas
Playing with Toy Thomas Trains
Here comes Thomas!
Waiting to ride
Train we got to ride on
Boys & Dads on front of train
Snoqualmie Falls
Dad, Jackson & Thomas
Misc Pictures
Snoozing with Dad
Snoozing with Dad 2
Spaceman box 1
Spaceman box 2


Pre-birth & Pictures from the hospital

One month(ish)

Two months or so..

Three to four months...

Five nine month(ish)...

Nine months to one year

One Year Birthday to Eighteen Months

Older Pictures


There are more pictures, but with the big computer crash I'm not sure where the webpages went.  It'll be fixed one of these days!