Getting bigger! 
Two months or so...
September 2nd - some more pics:

Two months old
Two months old - laughing
Two months old - laughing at mom
Two months old - d'oh!
Two months old - grinning
Jackson & John
Jackson yawning
Jackson & John 2
Jackson - getting sick of pictures

September 2nd - even more pics:
We decorated the baby's room with Funny Friends Fish of all sorts, painted the walls with 3 different shades of blue with waves.

Jackson's furniture
Jackson's crib & glider
Jackson's fish
More of Jackson's fish

September 15th:
More pictures! of course

Getting ready to go to WalMart - yay!
Getting ready to go to WalMart 2 *
BooBoo babysitting?
Mom can't dress me
Mom can't dress me 2
Dressed finally!
Hover baby looking outside
Hover baby looking outside 2 *


Jackson & his dad  *
Jackson & his dad 2
Jackson & his dad 3
Jackson & his dad 4
Jackson & his mommy
Jackson & his mommy 2 *

*these are mommy's favorites!