Growing like a weed, 
and my mom dresses 
me funny!
September 15th:
More pictures! of course

Getting ready to go to WalMart - yay!
Getting ready to go to WalMart 2 *
BooBoo babysitting?
Mom can't dress me
Mom can't dress me 2
Dressed finally!
Hover baby looking outside
Hover baby looking outside 2 *


Jackson & his dad  *
Jackson & his dad 2
Jackson & his dad 3
Jackson & his dad 4
Jackson & his mommy
Jackson & his mommy 2 *

*these are mommy's favorites!

October 15th:
Been a while since I posted some pictures, suprise surprise! Here's a few of him at work.

Jackson at work
No more pictures!
We'd all like to do this at work
Jackson pouting, blurry, I was laughing
Hanging out in his swing

Went back to Sears to get some more pictures made, I guess he'll hate me for these someday...(these are just the proofs.)

Pumpkin 1
Pumpkin 2
Pumpkin 3
Pumpkin 4
Pumpkin 5 - my favorite

November 11th:

4 months old
Hanging out in the LazyBoy
One of his few quiet moments
Laughing with his Chiropractor
Ready to go to work
First taste of ice cream
Baby jumper (aka sanity saver)
Hangin out in the playpen

Auntie Sue sent Jackson a teddy bear that matched his pumpkin outfit, so I had help from Ashley to take some pictures for me.

Bear & pumpkins 1
Bear & pumpkins 2
Big pumpkin
Mom & baby & pumpkins
Mom & baby & pumpkins 2
Baby in tree