I made it through
my first year!
May 4, 2003

Hanging out with Dad on the beach
Hanging out with Dad on the beach 2
Catching a ride on Dad
Howdy Pardner!
Playing at the mall with Dad

Eating and wearing a hunk of bread
Modelling my nifty Mariner's gear
Extreme baby closeup
Me and Mom at the beach

Added April 24, 2003
Brenda & Jackson at the mall
Jackson playing at the mall - Cheese!
Jackson playing at the mall - Cute
Just say NO to crack!
Modelling my Carhartts - smiling
Modelling my Carhartts 2
Modelling my Carhartts 3 - standing
Hanging out on the couch

Added March 31, 2003
More bath fun
More bath fun 2
Splish Splash!
Somebody get me outta here!
Hanging out with one of my fish
VERY mischievous look

Hanging out in my scooter wheels
Hamming it up for the camera
9 Months old - Big smile!
Trapped by the laundrybasketmonster!
Laughing for my dad
Laughing for my dad 2