One month old or so...
Pictures Sue & Shelly took and some we took:

Jackson - black & white 1
Jackson - black & white 2
Jackson - black & white 3

Baby snoozing
Baby snoozing some more
Hanging out in the crib 
Hanging out in the crib 2
Visiting John's work

Fourth of July:

Hangin out with Mom & Dad
Take one
Take two
Take three
Take four

Movie  (mpeg)

August 26 - Getting Personality!

Movie 1 (mpeg)
Movie 2 (mpeg)

August 11 - More Pictures:

Bathtime blackmail shot
Liking the whole bath scene
Hurry up and dry me, I'm cold
Before bath, oooooo
Hanging on to Mom's hand
Making sure food source is still there

One month old, and tired Mom
One month old, and tired Mom 2
Outside under the tree
Outside under the tree 2
Go away, I'm sleeping!
Sleeping & thinking?
Like mother like son

Jackson's first studio portrait proofs:
We had some fun with Hawaiian shirts, and John's Mom & Dad - here are the proofs

Mom, Dad, John, Brenda & Jackson
Mom, Dad & Jackson
Mom, Dad & Jackson 2
John, Brenda & Jackson
John, Brenda & Jackson 2
Dad, John & Jackson