I am a space monster
Space monster baby in bouncer (Movie)
More space monster (Movie)
Even more space monster (Movie)
One more space monster (Movie)

Eating my first cookie (Movie)
More cookie (Movie)
Even more cookie (Movie)
One more cookie (Movie)
Eating my first cookie
Eating my first cookie 2
Eating my first cookie 3

Sitting with my girlfriend Ashley at work (5mths)
Sitting on the airplane on my way to Texas
Having fun in the Seattle Airport

Modeling my new winter suit

While we were in Georgia I got to meet my Grandma for the first time!

Meeting my mommy's mommy
Meeting my mommy's mommy 2
Meeting my mommy's mommy 3
Meeting my mommy's mommy 4
Meeting my mommy's mommy 5

Having fun with mirrors
More fun with mirrors

Hanging out and playing
Hanging out and playing 2
Hanging out and playing 3

My mommy bought me a teddy at IKEA...
I love my teddy! (Thanks Auntie Sue for taking these pics!)

Teddy 1
Teddy 2
Teddy 3

CHRISTMAS 2002 (6 months old)

Uncle Tucker helps us get a tree
Uncle Tucker helps us get a tree 2
Jackson meets Axle (Tucker's dog)

I got some nifty wheels!
Am I the present??
Visiting some friends with Dad
Hanging out in my jumperin my Santa Suit

Opening presents
Opening presents 2
Playing with new toys
Playing with new toys 2
Playing with new toys 3
Eating my new toys
Thanking daddy for my new toys
It's hard work playing so much!!

7 months old!!

Bath time fun (Movie)
Bath time fun 2 (Movie)

November 23rd:

We traveled to Georgia & Florida to visit John while he was stationed out there these are some pictures from our trip.

Hanging out with Dad
Snoozing in the "prison" hotel bed
Trying to bathe in the sink! (help me!)
Noticing the other baby in the mirror
Jackson discovers his feet are toys
First visit to the Atlantic ocean (at sunset)
Mom & Jackson at the beach
Big blue eyes watching everything

While waiting for a connecting flight in Detroit, Jackson got to meet Grandma & Grandpa Lambert (Sue's parents) when they came to the airport to see us!

Sitting with Grandma
Sitting with Grandma 2
Sitting with Grandma 3 (foooood)
He wants the sandwich!
Sitting with Grandpa