First I was a bean, 
then I was a boy!
After 13 years of marriage, we found out we were expecting our son, talk about a shock!  We welcomed him into our lives and it's been a wild ride ever since! :)

Stuff about Jackson:

Born:  June 25, 2002
Time:  7:18 pm
Weight:  9 lbs, 12.7 oz
Length:  21 1/4"
Location:  Naval Hospital, Bremerton, WA

He is named after two cities bordering Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.

Jackson's very first pictures:

7 week Ultrasound
Picture 1
Picture 2

21 week Ultrasound
Picture 1  -  baby profile
Picture 2  -  baby profile, hand in face
Picture 3  -  baby starting to yawn
Picture 4  -  darth vader!! - or baby face
Picture 5  -  baby foot

Pictures from before:

Pregnant Brenda (2 days before birth)
Pregnant Brenda with Melon

Brenda threatening John
Brenda hanging out with Mr Fish

Pictures from the hospital:

Jackson's first picture
Jackson's first movie (mpeg)
Jackson and his 4th of July hat
Jackson and his 4th of July hat (mpeg)

Brenda & Jackson
John & Jackson
Baby sleeping
Jackson with eye goop
Sayin bye to Auntie Sue
Sayin bye to Auntie Sue too
Going Home